Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why Is Microsoft Surface RT Struggling to Sell?

In this New York Times article, author Nick Bilton expresses his theory on why Microsoft is struggling with its Surface sales and lagging behind Apple's ipad. His theory is the issue of simplicity. That the Microsoft Surface RT is too much work for consumers, especially those who are not very tech savvy. I think this is an interesting point that the author makes. In my opinion Apple products are very user friendly (particularly in troubleshooting).

This reminds me of another article I posted about the creator of the mouse who had died. It was Steve Jobs who said he wanted the mouse to be  much simpler than its original design. At the time, those who understood the architecture of the mouse wanted many buttons on it, while Jobs said less was better for the everyday consumer. Perhaps it was that attitude that Jobs portrayed that it still evident today and helps propel Apple forward with its simplistic tech-design approach, as compared to Microsoft.

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