Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Buzz About GlassUp

This TechNewWorld article, raises the question of whether the newly talked about GlassUp will find itself a successful market in the wearable tech department. As previously stated in one of my previous posts about FIDO, the wearable tech market is volatile in its unpredictability of whether consumers will really want to buy the product. Quote from the E-Commerce Times, Jeff Orr, a senior practice director of ABI Research said, "Is it necessary or an entertainment factor?" I believe that question will ultimately decide the fate and longevity of GlassUp. The article had a video that explained some of the practical uses of GlassUp, which I believe people would find just as "necessary," as Orr puts it, as GPS or smartphones. GlassUp displays a small green text screen in front of viewers eyes. GlassUp users can see new messages, recipes online while cooking, directions while driving, and subtext to a foreign language. However, GlassUp is also facing legal action from Google saying the product's name should be changed since it may be confused with the product, Google Glass.

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