Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Pen with Built in Spell Check

In this article by CNN,  the Lernstift Smartpen is the first of its kind to be both a pen and computer. The pin's AAA battery-powered LINUX computer includes a non-optial motion sensor that recognizes character shapes and a vibration module to notify when a spelling error has occurred. The smart pen is able to follow strokes through the motion sensor regarding what words are being written and if a misspelling is made then the pen vibrates. I think this product will be very well received and popular, but I also believe it shows how reliant people have become on computer systems for efficiency. It makes me wonder though if people are using this tool as a crutch to manually fixing spelling problems. Our culture has become so computer reliant that when we go to write by hand we become vulnerable to not having the luxury of spellcheck from the computer and wish we did. But regardless of the minor skepticism, I am very excited about this new product. I think the practicality of this product is remarkable and the fact that computers are now being made in pin size form is fascinating.

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  1. I definitely could have used this in elementary school! Actually, if they can build this into some chalk or dry-erase markers I would use it today in class!