Saturday, July 20, 2013

FIDO Helping Dogs and Humans Communicate

In this TechNewsWorld article, Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations (FIDO) believes it has found a middle grown between wearable technology and communicating with training assistance dogs. The technology would be worn by dogs that are trained for purposes such as being guides, search and rescue dogs, or military dogs; and the technology would allow humans and dogs in certain situations to communicate more precisely. For example, a trained personnel would be able to ask the dog for more details about what kind of bomb the dog might be sniffing and receive that information in return. This new technology shows how computers really are  used as tools to better facilitate open communication. The fact that two different species can begin to communicate via technology is ground breaking and I hope this technology finds its market so that FIDO becomes a success.

Although, according to this article it is not very clear how exactly this technology reads and translates what is being said between the dog and human. But a picture of the device is displayed with the article showing a dog with a wearable computer device on its back that is connected to a microphone like bulb that is in the dog's mouth. I would be interested to learn more specific details about how FIDO works logistically.

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