Friday, July 5, 2013

Technology Workers Younger than National Average

According to an article by The New York Times, PayScale found amongst 31 of the most successful technology companies that the average age of an employee was around 30 years old . For seven of the 31 companies, the average age was under 30. The New York Times article stated that the median age of American workers is 42.3 years, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For newer and more innovative companies the average age and time worked at the company is lesser than those tech companies that pride themselves on employees with greater experience. According to the article, older companies have employees working with them for an average of six years, while newer companies, such as Facebook, on average have had an employee working for the company only 1.1 years. I found it interesting that the median age for Facebook was 28 years old and for Google 29 years old. Unfortunately though one piece of information from this article that saddened me was the fact that the number of female employees working in these newer tech companies was less than 30 percent.

Overall, this data supports the widely accepted hunch that the more innovative and forward thinking a tech company is the young its employees will be. After just starting my Intro to Computer Science course I have seen how quickly the technology regarding the internet has progressed in the past 25 years. It makes sense as to why some of these tech companies, that are competing for innovative ideas, want employees who are young and grew up with the latest technological knowledge.

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