Saturday, August 10, 2013

IBM Presents Brain-Like Computer

I found this article by the MIT Technology Review to be very interesting and exciting! The article talks about IBM presenting the blue prints for a computer, TrueNorth that is designed more like the human brain. One of the biggest advancements is that they developed a new programming language. In the article it is said that trying to use normal programming language that is used today on new on the new architecture is like fitting a square peg in a round hole. IBM will no longer use the Von Neumann architecture for its computers. According to the article, "Instead, TrueNorth stores and processes information in a distributed, parallel way, like the neurons and synapses in a brain." This is very exciting to see the advancements of a computer being able to complete tasks such as visual sensing. Before my computer science course I would not have understood the magnitude of this news but after the course I am very excited to understand what a big break through this is in programming and what a change this is that I will be able to computers possibly change from Von Neumann architecture.

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