Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cars are Computers Too!

This article by NPR, describes how smart cars may be vulnerable to hacks that could be very dangerous for those in the car. Researchers were able to hack into the small computers in a car's operating system that controls things such as seat belts, breaks, acceleration, etc. It is scary to read that the researchers were able to hack into the smart cars and make them break of accelerate. This could be very dangerous for people in smart cars. When the researchers presented their findings to top car manufacturers they were shocked that the companies did not seem to be startled by this information. The companies believe that by the time a person is able to hack into a person's car that the person will notice. Also each car has a different operating system and machine language so hackers would have to learn that first. But the prospect that this is a potential safety risk is still undeniable.

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