Saturday, August 10, 2013

App Helps Students Find Scholarships

In this article by USA Today, Christopher Gray, a student at a Drexel University, founder and CEO of Scholly, has created a way for the app named Scholly to help students find what scholarships they are eligible for. The app costs about 99 cents. Gray states that he wants to keep the cost down so that everyone can take advantage of it. The search process does not require personal information which cuts down the amount of time users need to spend on the app. Gray wanted an app that was most importantly simple and fast/efficient. According to the article, "Scholly uses eight specific parameters — such as state, race, GPA or major — to instantly filter listings into a comprehensive directory of scholarships for which the prospective applicant is eligible." Within five minutes a person can see the results. I think this is wonderful that someone who is still in college is already taking his talents and knowledge and directing them toward a way to help others. One of the big debates about education today is how high college costs are. I think it is wonderful when technology and innovation can join together to help others meet their needs and open educational opportunities.

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